Saturday, March 21, 2009

misc odds and ends

Just caught the tail (heh) end of the movie "the howling 2" and they had a punk band, maybe made up just for the soundtrack, playing in a club - obviously the club was real (or was it?) but I found it weird that it had "alien sex fiend" and "the cramps" scribbled on the wall.

did cbgb's have bands sign the walls? If not which club was it? or was it all a sham..?

On another note.. pinochio came out on an anniversary edition disc about the same time as a certain film was hitting the cinemas. In the commercial they said something about a blue fairy that can make your dreams come true.. so I suddenly blurted out, "oh you mean Doctor Manhattan?"

I never saw that particular tangent before. thanks disney for the timing on the dvd release.

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