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List of heroes that do the multiverse jump!

I refer to the mediaverse in the title of my blog because the fictional character I created to match my name, Kaneda Jones, jumps through a multiverse made up of all forms of scripted media, and since he knows somehow that he is in a constructed reality he calls it the mediaverse.

I was inspired to create the fictional Kaneda Jones, in part, due to the multitude of characters written thru out the massive writings for TV and books who could walk thru the walls between realities.

for your review I now present a list of all those I can remember off the top of my head.

First off, the ones either inspiring of or just so damn similar to, Kaneda Jones of the mediaverse:

Doctor Who

although Doctor Who jumps places on an almost daily basus, it is in the doctor who serial "The Mind Robber" (1968) in which his tardis lands in a world made exclusively out of the mind of a kidnapped earth author. The author wants the doctor to take his place so in the end they duel it out using the fictional troops they can dream up.. very interesting when compared to what little fiction I have written about Kaneda Jones (except mine is more contemporary).

The Mind Robber fan trailer on youtube


In 1996 DC and Marvel comics went about melding their two respective universes for a big event called the amalgam universe. To help fecilitate the process, and to help cracking the two universes apart when it was over, they created a hero who jumped between the two comic book worlds. His name was Axel Asher but his hero name was Access - man I hate how comic book guys have to rhyme or match their real names with their alias!

The Wikipedia article states:
"Access is now a native of both universes and his duty is to keep them separate. If they start to overlap, the universes will merge into the Amalgam Universe once again. Access must move from one universe to the other keeping people from crossing over. If he stays in one place too long, he can cause spontaneous crossovers to occur. Access usually works out situations like this without anyone noticing that he is involved (this is done to explain how the subsequent DC/Marvel crossovers occur. Stories where DC and Marvel heroes appear on a "shared Earth" are believed to be dimensional fluxes where the two universes have begun to merge again. It has also been explained that once Access has restored the timelines, the characters forget about the crossover)"

and refering to his powers..

"Access has the ability to create interdimensional gateways between the two universes. He can use these gateways to teleport himself as well as summon others to him. He also has the ability to travel in time when crossing universes. He can feel the presence of anything from one universe in the other. In addition, Access has recently learned that he can create an "amalgamation" of two people he touches from each universe."

I keep writing Kaneda doing the same kinda thing but its nice to be able to access all of pop culture (including video games!) instead of just the stale Marvel and DC worlds

Access at wikipedia

Magik and Spiral

Both the character Magik and the character Spiral, from the marvel comics universe, used swords to open dimensional portals to hop from one spot to another. In Both cases they use magical energies but in Magik's case her teleportation is also her mutant ability and in Spiral's case she uses arcane magical cyborg tech. Both of these characters, beloved by me during the eighties, inspired my fictional Kaneda Jones to cross dimensions by ripping the fabric of space and time using a sword with a TV remote as a handle. The remote sword also owes its remote'ness to the show sliders I guess.. heh.

Magik at wikipedia

Spiral at wikipedia

Not inspiration for my Kaneda Jones character but cool jumping anyways

Kamen Rider Decade

In Kamen Rider Decade (2009) there is a melding of worlds between the last nine Kamen Rider series and the current one. Because of this the current Kamen Rider is destined to take out all the previous Kamen Riders to save multiple dimensions.. how cool is that? Considering just a few Kamen Riders ago he was riding a time crossing train so he could go forward or back in time ALA "Quantum Leap" this just means Kamen Rider has been a home for universe fuck ups lately. I suggest to them that the next Kamen Rider be set before the big bang.. that would be reeeeealy screwed up!

Kamen Rider Decade OP on youtube

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