Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a double dose of word for the day

two words of the day.


while looking for software to monitor bandwidth usage my wife, Ris bumped into a person bitching about the chinese people he had to share his bandwidth with, finally ending with the wish he could say "go back to china" He doesnt say that 'cause that would be rude nevermind the fact that he is a Chinese man born there in Aussieland. Ris read that and piped up "ya, you aren't a racist you are just a placist. feh." then she gave me a look like, holy shiznit I just invented a word and I love the sound of it.

Tuna Burger Bagle:

while making a bagle with mayo and tuna I noticed that when i pile it on as thick as Ris prefers, it starts to resemble the thickness of a good sized burger patty. I have been eating burgers on waffles for some time now and have called them waffleburgers so I thought what the hey, lets 'invent' the Tuna Burger Bagle.

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